Pomegranate White Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Hands down, Maria from Two Peas & Their Pod is one of my favorite bloggers. Her blog features some of the best cookie recipes if you ask me. So this is one, I’d like to share right away. It might be because I put pomegranate into basically anything these days. Salad or dessert, it works!



one of them soups

red onion ginger parsnip sweet potato vegetable broth cream parsley nutmeg salt pepper. It’s asĀ  easy as that. Plus some salmon and that almost makes me forget that my tummy is a jerk.

So this is it.

This is the day I’m starting a blog. If it goes as it does with my diary, well.. writing won’t happen very often. But I’ll just give it a try anyway because what better way to find an escape, a form for me to share how I waste my time.

I should be studying but instead I’m being concerned with my health issues and my best friend not talking to me. It’s basically like I’d have the body of an old woman with the mind of a teenager. Oh well.

Not sure where this exactly will go. But does anyone ever know that?

I love to cook, I love to bake. I’ve promised a friend a cookbook a while back.

Or maybe I’ll just blog about the weather.